I then rolled straight into Black Sabbath, Van Halen I, II, The Scorpions I must add that at this time my old man bought me my first electric guitar it was a beautiful shiny Univox Les Paul copy and put on a layaway plan just like in a movie. I use to ride my 10 speed over to the music store every week to place another small payment on it and couldn't wait 'til it was in my hands. It was nice, a shinny sunburst finish just like like Ace's but with only two pick ups. Could you imagine the store keeper's reaction when I asked him if it also smoked like Ace Freheley's? he said "no that's your job son you make it smoke " and I been trying to smoke on guitar ever since. You must understand that at this age a teenager might overlook many artists that he or she may later definitely acquire a taste for like Hendrix but being so young I just wanted to dig the hardest stuff and then it happened a King Biscuit Flower hour radio broadcast of the mighty Judas fucking Priest. Yes, Priest pretty much was what I was in search of and waiting for and they symbolized Heavy Metal for me. It was the perfect blend of aggression and melody, balls and look and those vocals? I had never heard vocals like those before. Maybe Robert Plant could hit notes in a high register but he wasn't aggressive looking enough for me and my fuckin' hormones were raging and with the testosterone overflowing what was I to do huh tell me? Well I was younger you understand. so through the teeny years I kept plucking and scratching my Univox Les Paul copy absorbing subconsciously all of my influences. Incidentally I did live near a concert venue/club the legendary Rock Capitol Of Brooklyn L'amour that was pretty much the rock capital of the east coast Heavy Metal scene. Going to this club weekly for years and years and seeing many, many of the rising and now legendary bands such as YNT , Savatage, Overkill, Wasp, Metallica, Megadeth, King Diamond, Anthrax, Saxon, T.T. Quick well you name it if they came to the east coast they passed by this joint all a short walk from my house. I can remember walking home on cold wintry nights through a cemetery, well maybe not through but around usually half baked and mumbling to myself how I needed to be part of a metal band. No, my friends at this time did not share the passion I felt so most of the time I would have to venture it alone or I would go to shows with the only friend that shared the love for metal and he was another antisocial just like me.

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