So there, in a nut shell a bit of the development of another classic Metal Head so for those that are able to mirror their early adolescence in Rock with mine, I say hey I'm just another musician cultured with nothing but the best in Heavy Metal. Anyway I salute you.\m/ Look, the guitar for me is a friend weather I'm under the lights or under a bridge and the joy it brings to me and the companionship and pride it provides can never be set aside even by the hardships of life. I really don't know what people would say about me as we move on through life but one thing I'm certain that they can say in all honesty is that on guitar I was and am one bad mother fucker ! I'll toot my horn because I just don't give a fuck I have the chops to hold my own. Any doubters step right up and lets jam I can take you places and melt some faces. Let the head cutting begin as confidence is my middle name. After all I've been plucking and scratching the fucking thing from a tender age of 15 to the present and no back then there was no fucking tablature. Now everyone reads by numbers and think they are guitar gods. I personally have musicians I call my idols and feel deserve my total respect and musicians I consider my contemporaries I presently do not get easily impressed.

When you grow up like this well then music is in your bones, your blood. You are a walking library with alot of baggage but most of it is good baggage. I can thank my family specially my dad since he is very much into music himself for allowing me to grow up completely surrounded by Latin and Classic Rock music plus some other additional genres. I have absorbed God knows what in musical influences and I can feel them at times these diverse influences coming out of me weather its latin groove ideas , rock things, classic rock things, Metal ideas etc., So no, You can't grow out of it ! you can suppress it, but you can't deny Rock moves you still. The key I guess for me at least is to learn to grow with Rock gracefully and with dignity. Its much like a mature woman knowing what and how to wear something modern and fashionable yet she cannot dismiss her desire to feel and need to look attractive and sexy even at a mature age so she learns how to grow older while at the same time being herself. So If you should stumble upon a song like Iron Maiden's The Trooper don't tell me it doesn't make you feel like your 18 again. Today, my chops are better than ever. I'm back to my roots , what I do best a little bit bolder, wiser sicker and meaner. I'm off to kick some ass and take some names and will not waste time with anything remotely familiar that has wasted my time in the past. With a fresh mind, sound and body I aim to spare no favorites. Its pride that gets more meaningful as my seniority in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal grows, and the true remain true and shall never bend. Fuckin A'.