OK boys and girls
here is my version of Accept's DeathRow. Definately listen to the recording to get the rhytm right. This part is best played with the addition of a flanger/phaser/wah effect but should be turned off for the rytym sections.

these following sections will look somewhat alike but there are mild differences that if not played can make your interpretation of this song sound weak.
listen to the recordings to get the ryhtm of these chops.
This part is again similar but theres a minor addition here.
OK so now here come the first vocals" I'm dead meat you took away my right to be a part of....
Again this rhythm section is diffrent from the beginning so do not be fooled.
OK cool... so now were groovin and were swayin back and forth with our guitars as the song's groove suggest we do.
play 4 times now ya hear
End this vocal section with these open E notes (mute) and rake with your Phaser or wah effects on.
man that sounds even better than on the CD! OK, OK let's not get that carried away....... wait....... but theres more.....
Yes you guessed it yet another minor difference in this similar looking section.
So the Chorus "deathrow! Let me die! let me go!" background is the "DEATHROW RYTHM PART 1" SECTION ABOVE (the beginning of the song)Play that 4 times but on the last time the solo starts.
Come on you know the song Rocky!
pull up that 14th fret diad chord.
this solo is a bit confusing because its not technically phrased .Its more free style ...so adlib and create your own. use E minor pentatonic.
on that fourteenth fret pull up.
on that seventh fret make your guitar sqeal like a cat in a chineese restaurant.
After this solo it goes into what seems "Deathrow Rhytm section1" for both the 3rd vocal " I'm a deadman walking so get out of my face" and the chorus. "Death row I'm ready to go!"
after the chorus enters this pre-bridge riff 4x.
after this comes what I call the bridge
come down heavy as a you can on these power chords.....but don't hurt yourself.
man I loves this lick. hey how abouts playing with your wah wah pedal on on this part thats an idea ha !
Now what...now what................ oh cool the intro once again. Remember all effects on. if your distortion/gain/crunch effect is maxed out then roll of the volume a little bit to give the intro some clarity. .....thats smokin!!!!!!
finally on the last vocal the background is deathrow rythm part1 and also for the last chorus except on the very last accents you can add these.
OK kids that is my version of this faboulus tune "DeathRow" by Accept. Do let me know what you think about this tab if it helped you play it better or if you can improve this tab even more.
I personally really like playing this song because of the interaction between the intro section and the heavy rythm.
I have fun playing it , had fun transcribing it and I hope you enjoy playing it too. Peace