• Hey, fucking around we throw these together so don't expect million dollar productions and since most of this material is older it definitely DOES NOT indicate my current state of guitar playing. sure, I will kick your ass so much harder now and so everything has improved and I means everythang. Anyway, for whatever its worth they are here for you all to fuck with or enjoy. \m/-\m/
  • One Take Zeppelin -done in one take and in the old fashion way sponteneuosly. Key of Rock.
  • Highway Star - Deep Purple - H & S Project - Taking Back The Classiks - Demo
  • Purple Haze - Hendrix Cover -The H & S Project - Taking Back The Classiks - Demo
  • Black In Back - Ac/Dc Cover - The H& S Project - Taking Back The Classiks -
  • From the Alcohol induced and Stoned age, ancient pre-historic late Mesozoic shit

Royalty In Exile 1991

WitchHunt Studio Demo Sessions 1988


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