pril '06

You are welcome to digitally purchase

" Conquistadores ", Blood On The Streets and "With War (There Is No Tomorrow)" in awsome sound quality

Hey, Ok bit of news here , well to start I have take down three of my song files that I have been givin' away so freely on my music page. This is due to the fact that three songs, "Conquistadores ", "Blood On The Streets" and "With War (There Is No Tomorrow) " are being sold per download. I better see at leat $5.00 dollars out of this, heh no wait I mean $500.000 dolllars out of this plus groupies and a new wardrobe or....Well the latest thing out there is to rapidly download a song digitally that you may burn on cd or place into your ipod bypassing thewait for cds to be shipped to you or go shopping etc. plus it doesnt cost much as you may choose which song to purchase individually, at the same time it doesn't make sense to have my songs available for digital download purchase while I have them here so easily downloadable for free. There fore I have put up a link to complete samples of those ssongs and more on jaktheknife As for the other songs that can be downloaded here on this site, well if you dig any of them please copy them to your machine free because you never know what will happen they might go on digital download too and that will be $10.00 whole dollars and in Mexican currency ah ha ha!!!.damn I almost spilled my margarita....but seriously folks...

Good thing is that the these pay downloadable versions of " Conquistadores ", Blood On The Streets and "With War (There Is No Tomorrow)" are in even in better sound quality than here specially "Conquistadores' dig!!!! HERE. If anything try purchasing Conquistadores" listen to it on your pod, computer, CD player or what not and you will want to put them snowboots, climb mount Everest and look for Noah's Ark ! its that inspiring.

In other world news we are still working on the song "Struggle" its coming out fucking brilliant so wait til' you hear this one you are going to shit!!!!! No mediocrity here man only twenty five years of Metal pain and suffering for inspiration. Look out for that. Mediocrity surrounds me and oh it stinks to high heaven sometimes. Hey that's it! Again to sum things up anyone interested in purchasing songs formerly available on this site HERE YOU GO. its good sounding Heavy Metal no, cheese rehash or retro to insult your intelligence and experience with. My songs are always different. Hey take it easy now and please do keep it Heavay will ya? or I'll have to come and bang zoom to the moon bitch! Hey eat, excersise and be healthy and oh stay out of jail!!! honor your mother your father and don't covet your neighbor's wife as hot as she may be.... you may take pictures and send them to me care of ....get the hell outta here........

March 06'

Hey what's happennin', well what to say here, I'll be brief. I have put up a couple of recent songs I have recorded. A song called "The Disbeliever" and also my version of Yngwie Malmsteen's Far Beyond The Sun for your listening pleasure. We are presently working on our latest powerhouse of a song amply called "Struggle" and also already in gear is a Bad Company cover done with a little metal twist. Its allot of work but I am eager to do it and it will get done.

Now since the Myspace craze has recently taken over as a popular place to interact and blog well like the zillions of ppl out there I too have blogs and news and opinions and jokes and pictures and audio hot babes and shitload of fake friends too and you are welcome to check out the latest on my myspace page if you want to find more info about me or whatever. Here is the link jaktheknife. As far as bands and playing out live, all I can say is that its coming together slowly with writing the new material and jamming around , shit jammin alone is so cool xause I play fucking loud and many other things but things are harder these days I guess and it seems as if everyone is missing someone well I understand everyone wants to rock and so I say step up and raise the flag and see who salutes and I'm down with that its just when bands talk smack about one another allwhile they are all in the same boat is what I don't understand I mean some haven't even left the pier less being on the same boat lol hey perhaps its the state of the music (it's shit) the old school is just that old-school I know it and trying to get famous with old shit is even harder ? lol anyway the state of the music noadays helps to minimize the possibilities of hooking up with decent players that may have been abundant in the past. Anyways we are looking and the good thing is we look now with the patience and control that we or I for that matter didn't have in previous years. Anyway we are on it and to tell you the truth and I say this with the most humility that I never jammed with a musician that didn't want to jam again. I'm that fucking good, lol no seriously but it maybe experience and whatever so I'm very confident in myself. In reality like love at first site with a hot blonde or a big titty chick or somthing sometimes all you need is that one jam to say hey I want to play that shit again man. I'll leave ya with that and God bless..



January 06'

Holy shit I've totally neglected my site here for a little bit but fuck it here goes a brief update:

So first off I gots to thank The Celtic Corner in Dobbs Ferry , NY for being so, so fukin' cool and inviting me up there to play and feeding me too!!! . Oh my God those delicious fat ass burgers I swear I' haven't tasted gourmet burgers like that bloody in ages anyway I dedicated that set to you all (specially Donna, I've never proposed to anyone but I don't know woman you got me thinking I realize there are still people with heart and soul left in this corrupt world after all and sometimes we must leave the leather rock metal attitude and lay back and hang loose with the regular folks. Thanks again from the bottom of my black heart and I know some one took a pic or two I think...

So in other topics yeah me and my bro are looking to take the reigns in our hands and are starting some kind of musical project with no rehash shit in mind all in hope to get out there and have some kind of fun man, have a cool time with the most unconventional rock possible of course and things are going good so far I think. I will not say more than this because I don't want to talk alot of shit see that's the problem with many musicians and bands out there, every one talks alot of shit, while they themselves need something or other, some kind of musical need or development or just have to blow someone not even worthwhile to be able to do something, yes we go on and think we are special, we analyze others, even think we are better than others, lie through our teeth in hope someone buys our bullshit when in reality everyone is primarily stuck in the same rut playing the same fucking dives for years and always keep wasting our money on our jukebox hero dreams and rehash sounds (mostly everything has already been done) and end up getting that same old bandwagon support from the few same kind of fake rock people.

Every band thinks therefore they are the next big thing and different from the rest always delivering that same quote" Yeah but if you chceked us out man , we are different, if you like Dio or Maiden you'll love us" and boom they give you some kind of fucking demo in your hand which only goes on the floor some place and not even into the grabage can, lol put it this way if I had a nickel for every time I had some drunken fool say I was a great guitarist I'd have my own fucking recording studio by now and I'd call it 5151but friends man friends thank God for those few because other wise who'd come to see us play righ?t at least once? everyone trying to raise their little flag to see who salutes but still our mighty toungue swirls violently man and sometimes when we spit out that wind will blow that loobey right back in our faces. Personally I like to do music for the love of the art not so much to act like a God damn business excec which I think only takes away from your musical development even in other times I always wanted someone else to handdle that side of the business the promotional thing and all that PR crap but meanwhile back in the Batcave... dig, in this life things do 380's man and when we are on top talking shit acting all Rockstar like and special fate fucking flips that motherfucking piss stained rug under our feet and weather we like it or not we are on the bottom and vice versa point is niggaz we have to BE HUMBLE! or our faces will turn red on day. That's rock philosophy 101 that I learned while I was stationed in Bangladesh talking smack with the Dhali's Lama..heh and oh and the few years I've been fucking around in Rock too..

Alright everyone look go for it and try to fulfil your wildest rock and roll dreams this year and more power to you now. I will post more info about my own small attempts as it becomes more secure enough to post. Again I dont want to be another one to talk alot of shit only to see myself fall flat in my red face in a few years.... but hey I was one of those who also use to say when I was 17-18 "Death or Glory" 'fight for the right" "I'm into real Metal" all those demonstrational quotes of alligiannce and trust me back then that shit was really steamin' hot, tasty stuff coming from all sides, case in point you'd be so metal that you'd fucking wear you biker jacket to a hot beach in 90' degree weather all in the name of Judas Priest! I mean picture the days when Iron Maiden's Number Of The Beast came out and you wuz there and not in diapers or the day Holy Diver was released and you were not even a gleam in your fathers eye, Screaming For Vengeance ? and try getting gigs in your local dives and find 100 other talented bands over 21 even already booked solid, no kiddies upthere acting bad with shit musicianship, then you'd really have to blow someone to get your band a gig, believe that? buying that shit fresh man yes you'd be Metal Up Your Assing allover the fucking place too. lol and you wouldn't be liking every band outhere now as you would not be easily impressed. To quote Saxon's "Denim And Leather's opening lyrics "Where were you in 79 when the bands began to burst?" I was there in 79 rockin' it NWOBHM style all fresh as your favorite breast mik and cookies man these small fry know it all rehash cocksuckers can only buy dvds to begin to get a taste for how it was in 1980's ....ok kids now go on and keep you feets firmly on the ground and keep reaching for them stars...




November 05'

and so here is the addy that I promised I would post concerning that quaint litttle acoustic set I will be playing.

Bat Date: Saturday, November 26, 2005

Bat Time 12:30 am

The venue:

The Celtic Corner
73 Main Street in Dobbs Ferry, New York. easily reached by car or public transportation. (914) 693-6566.

The set list is

Babe I'm going To Leave You
Tight Rope (acoustic)
Maybe I'm amazed
Crazy On You
Mood For A Day

C- ya there !



Ocotber 05' update. Yes lots to tell...

As you may know we are in the process of producing a fresh tune to throw out to the hordes of starving metal fans and the self proclaimed music critics and it is appropriately called "The Disbeliever" and so bellow are some current blogs off page and they are so fresh as the very daisies adorning your halo. If you would like some information regarding this project and its progress and much more then by all means knock your self out and read on. By the way as mentioned way, hey hey down here I will be heading up to Dobbs Ferry, New York this Novemeber 05' to play a brief acoustic set of old standards (set list below way, hey, hey down here) and before November starts I will post the addy and info, well just for fucks sake cause I knows you niggaz won't show, surprise me lol. Anyway I'll be back soon with that info. Also shortly after this demo is done I will be searching for a decent bass guitarist and drummer to possibly play out and have a good old time so aren't you excited? I am. I will be out there bringing it oldschool style and further more shreee-ehhddddd your fucking heads off. So that's in the works. Any interested musicians (bass-drums) do drop me an e-mail. Lets start now. I don't seek virtuosos just dudes that want to play and rock hard and have a great time at it. Those stars that were in my eyes once have gone deep south and are now in cohooots with my balls so I'm out to cut some heads..look out!!! but for now I bid ya an unfair adieu and til net time I'm wishing ya Champagne wishes and caviar dreams but that's not available then Colt 45 and "skank weed" will do...


October 05' still

from my latest page blog

Anyway down to business here ..Lyrics to "The Disbeliever" are finally done!!! thank God! well big shit right? well, depends if ya'll are accustomed to listening to shit and I tell you right the fuck, right the fuck right now !! that although the theme of the song is a familiar one we have dug in deeper and done our homework and even went down to the municipal library to be able to present a song with substance, with suspense and true morbid reality. One that will make you think of the consequences of taking action and like after seing a good movie go home thinking and all weirded out you know the feeling. I can say this, these lyrics are inspired directly from actual events and may be a true story and my personal belief in the beyond and no, I am not going to reveal "the deal", or the subject of "The disbeliever" yet. I will tell ya this though, besides actual facts and events its contains "the rub" that which we all have about the supernatural. Anyway It's going to be fucking cool I can tell ya that much and in the end it will all gel into one concise piece of music as a good song should.
Things are slow, but its deliberate because its my belief ( I have shit loads of crazy beliefs) that you don't rush art at least for me it comes when it comes I just have to be aware that its here. Anyway that's all for now mis amigos del Rock.. Keep on keepin' on and stay tuned because our next song "The Disbeliever" will kick you like a bothered horse!




October, 2005

from my latest page blog

Well alright, ppl, wanted to disclose not so secretive information here fortunately it's the type that I will not have to kill you for if I tell you. Ever kill a man? Anyway, Ok so preproduction is done and we are well into recording this new tune "The Disbeliever" and If you like that old school traditional Heavy Metal than this one will be right up that alley. I'm again meshing many styles and influences in this bad boy initials start with JP and BS, and IM plus a little of RJD and they all go middleastern on yo ass well that's what it kind of sounds like and even if you are not into Heavy Rock trust me I always try to make my music appealing to children of all ages so never mind my tone it will be melodic and tasty like the stuff I grew up listening to. I can go from Cheap Trick to Metallica from Debbie Reynolds to Perry Cuomo from Deep Purple to Metal Church I mean look at that other shit I have up right now. lol Anyway things are sounding really fucking brilliant man, better than the last one so we are moving forth and are well past the Ted Templeman standard (big time producer ?..did Van Halen ? and.... oh...nevermind...) and were throwing everything on this fucker but the kitchen sink and if that makes cool noises we'll mic that baby too (I'm fucking nuts man...!!!. ever did time? Anyway the guitar tone is spectacular it features my EC Fender Stratocaster allover it but with so many friggin' knobs and EQ's and fucking amps and cords, bottles tipping, neighbors screaming plus my beagle "Speed" running in and out well just so so many things to tweak trust me it gets friggin' stressful man getting that right sound but I finally have obtained a highly desired Black Sabbath tone and very personal as a matter of fact and am right smack in the middle of recording the guitar parts as we speak.

Dig, My brother Sean will not only be handleing the lead vocals again but he will also be making his bass playing debut on Desbeliever and homeboy isn't half bad for 18 he even licks the bass like Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot/ WhiteSnake now with DIO?) I tell him to cut the showboating and get down off my amp and just catch the groove but trust me if it doesn't smoke its not going out after all I do have a reputation to uphold here as one of the best and highly renown sumbitches to ever..oh never mind....

On another note many folks have expressed an interest in checking me out live and so immediately following this recording ordeal I will be seriously considering getting out there again somewhere but ya'll know I been in rehab for the last 5 fucking years plus live I play naked so remember I warned ya'll. Anyhoo, maybe in the east coast NY tristate vicinity somewhere, in some dive, some hole in the wall or crack den or other and just the way I like it. What? Carnegie Hall ? eh.. I will consider it what the heck, anyway we all can get together and have a hootenanny, you know burn down the gambling house and watch it die with an awful sound play this stuff live and drink to bow legged women and finally rag on the sound man and how he didn't turn me up for the leads even after slipping him a twenty etc,. Hey maybe I can steel someone's girlfriend on the way too hmmmm.....that thought did cross my mind as it won't be the first time heh, hey Rock-n Roll!!! Looking at some drummers and bassists as we speak hopefully they'll dig my stuff and want to rock out and who knows what else turnover a liquor store or two. Anyway if I get out there, you muthas better be out there too and you're buying the rounds. Alright muchachos check back soon but for now I bid you a fair adieu and as always I salute ye all with the Rock And Roll dedication. - your friend- jak...The Knife


August 05'



Now what day is it ..August, I'll check the day later

Hey well, how's it hangin' yall ? to the left or straight down the fucking center? Allright briefly here to let ya'll frequent visitors and darling closet fans of mine- trust me you are as undiscovered as I am and I love you all dearly for you are as dear to me as Coney Island Whitefish!. Well here to let you know that things are coming out brilliantly and the unveling of "the motherfucker" as in my last update is coming to a reality. Things sound way over produced, no, kidding things sound kick ass and I'm sure it will turn some fucking heads here and there. We even got song titles yup but NO! not yet! wine before its time! that kind of thing you know? I always believed in quality not quantity so look stay tuned, check back very soon to check out something new but expect abit of everythang because frankly this stuff comes from God to me to you, so feeling is what dick-tates creation dig? I don't care to cater to any genre as tasty music is everywhere. I am so well beyong any fascination with any friggin' 80's band and I'm fucking 80's rooted as they get, damn still look it too and love it cause if I'm going to die I'll die with my boots on if I'm going to die I won't cry. hey maybe I'm like anorexic nervoso and shit you think?

Also almost ready is that instrumental consortium that sounds like a fusion of Spanish flamenco paella eating motherfucks, that also sounds es-mokin' too meng coño and you will all notice how frickin' Spanish I can really be besides my ablity to eat alot of those fried green bananas. By the way I'm on the bulls side and just love to see those fuckers get horned up the ass and I cheer each and every time. Oh man being Spanish is great! We have groove baby! We clap on the beat !

In other related news (thanks Ernie Assnastos...)

I think that acoustic set upsate is a go (directions later) and here is the set list that I will be torturing those unlucky bastards with :

Babe I'm going To Leave You
Tight Rope (acoustic)
Maybe I'm amazed
Crazy On You
Mood For A Day or Leyenda

all with mine acoustic Taylor guitar and no it's not an open mic thing silly its an invitation with fascination frustration and needs no duplication or collaboration who needs intervention (wtf) anyway I will be getting payed with either ass, gas or grass, no one plays for free. Kiddin' again, can't wait... Now if you aren't familiar with these songs well then I'm sorry for you. Hey isn't it back to school time.....git!

This, dot dot fresh off the wire (thanks Kaity Tongue) love that Asian bidness with the line that runs in the back of the stocking and those high heels and sour baby yummy...

Might be heading out to to Fresno CA in November to jam with Shawn my compadre of drunken gigolo times. He says theres a shitload of westcoast niggaz down theaah who are dying for some heavy shit. We'll throw some Childdren Of The Grave on the barbie maybe Heaven And Hell? sooooo I'm down no frown ever been to Chinatown? Shawn! Poontang memories should for ever unite us. lol We shall tear it up one moe time over there only fucking westcoast style so dude surf's better be up....

That's about it so come back soon, be well, be safe be all you can be in the army. I'm a vet myself anyway God bless.



Well hey man I'll just keep it short here. Well a couple of happenings which I'm glad to announce.

I got together with one of my ex musical partners and good friend Shawn ex-drummer of WitchHunt. Its been over ten years since I seen him last and man nigga hasn't changed all that much I'm glad to see it because living in LA. man I thought he would be all Beverly Hills and shit on me anyway it felt like fucking yesterday. We jammed and man I gotta say that the ridding a bicycle analogy can also be applied to playing drums too because dude I shut my eyes for a sec and I swear that fucking Cozy Powell was in that room with me. We didn't hit much on that old WitchHunt style except for a song or two, a riff here and there but we did have a blast just reminiscing and rocking some old Van Halen, Sabbath and Priest, Purple as well as one scorching ass version if I say so my self of Thin Lizzy's Cold Sweat which came out rather surprisingly killer specially with me on vocals. We taped the motherfucker so I'll check out what i have and how it soounds and hopefully I can put up some of it soon. Yes I know I'm not Ronnie James but we killed it never the less. That's one thing that didnt change with Shawn and that is the balls out attitude. Man it was fucking loud and heavy as hell. I always believed that if you play certain songs with conviction the spirit of the dead musician could be hovering right over you just watching you play his song but only if you play it well. I don't give a fuck what anyone says man but my Fender Clapton man it has an Iommi sound like a motherfucker, you hit Children of The Grave and man you feel the crunch to the bones man and makes you smile from how cool it sounds.

We threw together a quick arrangement for an instrumental which I'll be working on further and finishing at home and this I will definitely load on this site for all to enjoy and learn from. All I can say is that its sounds a bit like like fucking Yngwie Malmsteen meets Gypsy kings they have sex, Paco De Lucia sees them licks his lips wants in and and what comes out is what I have written. Its simple but tasty. This will probably mark a break from that all out shredding style as I really do not and will not be confined to any stereo type of guitar player. I'm into everythang but this particular instrumental just lends its self to some tasty flash so I really can't help the neeed to play what is needed anyhow I can't wait to unleash the motherfucker.

Also in related news I have been invited to play a short acoustic set at an upstate Tavern, bar and grill barbecue something or other (details shortly), in Dobbs Ferry, NY the month of September, 20th or something (thank you Donna! when I play Operator. you know its dedicated to you honey) I hope I can get to knock that out, I mean the song, really! I'll post the details when I actually know them better in case anyone wants to show - heh. yeah take public transportation too hah !So its an acoustic set of 4 or 5 songs total but I do look forward to playing maybe some Zeppelin, SRV, Heart maybe I don't know, what ever I have to decide annyway Its really nice up there. If I hadn't cut the song Operator (its on this site silly rabbits) this opportunity wouldn't have been possible it may well lead to beetter things but I know it will be even better live because some how it always comes out better and fresher in front of people. What is it about recording?


Hey I'm also working with my brother Sean on some killer, killer new Metal which will just crush that's if everything in mind comes out like its in our heads. Sean keeps improving by the minute man . He's going to have a little of everyone one in him one day that's for sure. David Coverdale will be wanting to take tips from him and we will be like Ok Dave here's a tip "cross at the green not in between, bitch,"


Alright rockers that's it for now stay tuned "something tasty comes your way" simply because "I'm still standing, even after all these years!! hey that sounds familiar now. Elton John you dumb ass....