Oh man what can I say about Stevie Ray that has not already been said before. I personally owe this man a whole lot for bringing me into the blues guitar style which was something that I truly needed at a certain time. Having grown up on Rock I truly never paid much attention to deep traditional blues guitar past the cliched things like the regular 12 bar progressions and your cliched licks. SRV made blues so cool and appealing as he was coolness personified and through him and his songs such as Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) I entered another world. Another form of feeling, soul, funk, conviction in playing, tone and much more. All along I would surprise myself that I was diggin' songs like Couldn't Stand The Weather or Cold Shot. It was like hey, I'm not supposed to be diggin' this stuff but I did and it only progressed. An acquired taste you may say. Another very important thing that Stevie did for me personally was sober up and leave alcohol and drug use behind and since I admired him so much I was in shock because if the baddest guitar player in the land is finished with that shit then I should take notice. All I could say in retrospect is that I had been a Hard Rock and Metal guitar player to a certain point but after I heard SRV I became more than that. You can say my musical vocabulary grew a hell lot and thanks to you Stevie. God bless you. RIP.