This is my version of Judas Priest's Sinner played on one guitar.
The beginning you can feedback all your notes off the Epenatonic scale by standing close to your amp at max level. Just make sure you end the whamying on the note F#4sting 4rth fret then jump on to this beginning. Slide into your notes where you feel you need to.
This here now is the following part I call the pre-chorus and chorus you know the "sacrifice to vice or die by the".....................part. Tips playing this part are:

1 slide the D to E chords on sinner vocal part
Play this middle lick here fast going back into the rithym part again for the second vocal . After the second vocal play the lick again and then these following notes which are played pretty quick .Check out the original recording and the live Unleash In The East version for reference.
Onto the "God Of the Devils" part. What can I tell you bout playing this part here except that try to keep the staccatto muted attack on all the ascending notes
From the 11th fret is a fast climb to the 12th fret so keep it choppy and again check out all the sinner versions you can get.
We brake, now into this classical sounding part

its a bit difficult but you can do it

this part goes up

Here at the nineth and it
can get confusing here

on this 15th fret is the bend-up conclusion of this part before


We go doin a descending toatally pentatonic lick which ends with the 1rst fret F note which I know you'll bend the crap out of. Yes with your whammy stick.

Now we break into the slow and restful part known as the "When she was beatiful part "

During this part I like to do inversions of the chords that swing back and fourth( inveresions are the same chords but played at different positions and maybe add a note or twop to the chords to change the chords tonality. Also soloing over this part is inspiring specially with your neck warm pick-up.

But here we go back to the up-tempo stuff with this lick into the God Of Devils part again and end with this climbingriff up ending on the 14th fret.
Into the outro soloing part then the song finalizes with the following chords.

When you get to the A bar chord here you drag the chords just like in the recording.
Whamy the ending to death but dig this is a challenging tune to play on one guitar.
Practice! check out all the versions and the original recording, live recordings and even tribute recordings to see how others have played this song. Man even the Priest plays it differently to the original. The parts are here, so listen carefully and you'll put them together. If you like this transcripttion do let me know. Later