I didn't seriously get into a rock n roll band until my early twenties. I Joined a two guitar outfit called Smilin Jak from NYC which later turned into a one guitar outfit and exposed me not only to live audiences but also to a serious inclination toward musical recognition. What could I tell you about Smilin' Jak man but that I had a fucking blast playing around everywhere. One fond memory of my times in Smilin' Jak was when we played for a local biker gang and I was kind of young and intimidated by the event but man, little did I know that it would turn out to be one memorable night where we rocked , ate, drank and ended up with someone's girlfriend. I remember as if it was yesterday. The very next day my bass player was telling me about some dude that was looking to kick my ass because I stole his date. So you know there were many nights like that while in Smilin' Jak. Immediately following that I formed a four piece speed metal band which I discreetly called Witch Hunt with songs all written and played on maximum tempo because at that time I was a Motor Head freak and by this time it was the early to mid eighties and the house was rockin' The decade of decadence was in full swing and I was hip to all the elite bands like Savatage, Merciful Fate , Celtic Frost, Overkill, Van Halen, Accept, Iron Maiden, Metallica , Ozzy, White Snake, Dokken, Post Ozzy Black Sabbath, Dio etc., but the clubs were jamming' with all those glam bands and plenty of pussy and now look I don't mean to offend anyone but I should point out that for a while there I began to notice a permanent glaze over my upper lip ( "have you seen junior's grades......and the cradle..the cradle will rawk...) ok so back to the story, so yeah plenty of testosterone left in this bad boy heh. OK so it was bands like Motley Crue, Poison, Ratt,SkidRow Winger etc., and hair spray was a hot commodity that and of course alcohol because with out the devil's blood there is no party. I always leaned towards the heavier heavy metal bands but hey chicks liked that glam scene so I put up with that shit just for the pussy you see but you know what I will admit to you that I now like Ratt and Cinderella and Warrant and White Lion and yes Winger you know those types of bands with the LA metal sound if you will.


Royalty In Exile


I soon was involved in an outfit oddly named Royalty in Exile now this band since it's member's input various influences jelled into a creative form of melodic hard rock/speed metal. Royalty originated in NYC and we all know that New York City isn't exactly the Hard Rock/and Metal capitol don't we ? GnR's Appetite For Destruction was making an impact in the rock scene and also alcohol was making an impact on me. Anyway the trip then was to make music in an Aerosmith vein ugh!! a blues rock groove oriented style never the less I did manage to pull out some heavy shit out while in this outfit. By this time my guitar playing was as happening as my contemporaries hey years digging' stuff by Randy Rhoads, Glenn and K.K., Savatage's Criss Oliva (R.I.P), Eddie Van Halen ,Wolf Hoffmann well all these cats made me keep up my chops dig? always wanting to learn my favorite tunes. So the band had it's moments, it's laughs, and shed its tears. I don't know, due to perhaps the ambiance or "festive influence of the era" that and fucking Kurt Cobain coming in and completely fucking things up for everyone, members of the group forgot the true goal of our musical journey and that included me. "music and the respect to interpret it as best in your ability should and always be the top priority." "wine and women are but a distraction of a serious musician" but you know hanging out partying was also a necessity in the quest to be a legitimate rock n roller. Well coming from immigrant parents and an import myself it's a blessing that I did in my younger years manage to finish art school completely hung way over most of the time, Yes I affectionately call it my extended high school experience with the solid desire to stay in a state of arrested development so hence (see who the fuck uses hence unless you are an educated and well learned individual so hence my occupation and as a commercial graphic artist. Its a laid back, and an occupation where I can be more myself ( frrr...eakk!!) in a laid back pace where you really don't have to kiss that much corporate ass you know. Some of my earlier paintings relevant to Metal can be viewed here.