August 25, 2015

Finished recording The Return Of The Dallington Witch which is a song that can be heard on the home page as well as on Youtube with its accompanying video. We're planning on making some more instructional videos on Youtube in all styles of Rock music and yes another original song and well the beat goes on as they say : ) Those who are visiting here I thank you for coming by  and do come by my social media pages or my Youtube channel and sub or friend request. As always check out some of my music online or through here I hope you like something from your friend Jak The Knife. Thanks again and have a great fall. Cheers!

June 8, 2015.

Briefly we are working on a new song which is tentatively called "Return to Dallignton Forest Pt2. " and it is a sequel to  "The Witch Horror Of The Dallington Forest" This song promises to be very heavy  in writing and in sound ,terrifying in lyrical content  and visionary in imagination. Stay tune it is coming this fall of 2105.  Thank you. Please visit my youtube channel or Facebook pages and subscribe and say hello. You can always preview some of my music here through the Merch page. Again thank you for stopping by and keep on rocking!

~ Jak The Knife

September 6, 2013

Hello and thank you for stopping by my website. We do have recent and very important news to tell you all about. First and foremost I am very happy to announce the release of my long awaited third CD. it is a new CD simply entitled "Metal For The Masses" which is a killer compilation of all the material that I have written and produced in the last year and that also until now it's music has not been available anywhere for purchase and download.

The songs contained in this CD have been posted on my Youtube channel as they have been completed but this is the official Jak The Knife third release. "Metal For The Masses" is a CD release of very well thought out and meticulously written material and now it will be available for download.

The "Metal For The Masses" is being released on September 25, 2013 and is packed with some of my best musical compositions to date . As you know I have been writing music for a large part of my adult life but it is now with this more valuable added experience that we are able to put out an outstandingly produced CD that is to ours and hopefully to your satisfaction. 

The track list is a as follows:


Jak The Knife

"Metal For The Masses"

1. Prepare To Fight

2. The Fallen Hero

3. Island In The Sun

4. The Metal Law

5. The Witch Horror Of The Enchanted Dallington Forest

6. The Uninvited

7.Stand Up

8. The Mourning Dress

9. In This Lonely Place

10. Immigrant song

Look out for my cd "Metal For The Masses " at your favorite music download  and streaming websites and by all means do let me know what you think for as always you all are very welcome to sign on to any of the social media pages be it Youtube, Tweeter or my Facebook pages you all are always welome. Again thank you for stopping by and check out  "Metal For The Masses "  it is a CD packed with killer Metal Rock!.

Cheers lads, \m/

Jak The Knife

September 20th 2012

Hey there, some news to tell ya about and updating this site in general here. Yeah well we have a new single out there now a very mean song called "PrepareTo Fight! " it has been well received by the few who have listened to it and it shall be released as a track in the next Jak The Knife CD entitled " Heavy Rock Materail" possibly due this winter 2013. We now are in the process of recording a brand new track as yet untitled but it promises to be very interesting and of course heavy in nature.

We have been making progress in the audio production knowhow area and that is audibly obvious when you listen to "Prepare To Fight!". Have a listen and by all means tell me what you think or what I can do to better or things or any opinions you have I most welcome your thoughts and opinions. Subscribe to  my Youtube which is where I release samples of forthcoming releases and then Facebook fan or even my personal page. All links are here somewhere. We have a new Les Paul guitar and some new recording software and we are very grateful and lucky to be able to express our selves and put out original music without having to ride the coat tails of any other artist's work. We as musicians have to be able to put out original music or otherwise everyone will end up copying one another to death. OK so thank you for your time and check back soon at any of these social places on the web where Jak The Knife music and news can be found. Cheers and thank you.

March 28th, 2012

Hey there how are we doing? I hope yu are doing well . Ok so the latest Jak The Knife song  has been released and it is called "In This Lonely Place" and we here are very happy indeed on how well it came out, the production is fantastic considering it was not an easy song to make "come to life" sort of speak and that is always the objective here to try to produce what I hear in my head and transcend that into an audio reality so yes there was indeed a lot of work done to produce something competitive but all in all I am very happy with the result and it was an excellent learning experience as always.

Presently I feel very fortunate these days to be able to write a song, play with  it , record it at my own leisure, produce it and then release it to the world. I always say this "Art is,  something creative that comes from absolute nothing"

 In my opinion "In This Lonely Place"is a fabulous track very heavy in some instances yet still retains a sense of romance since it is after all a simple story of love survival and recovery so again I am very pleased on how it turned out. "In This Lonely Place" is now up on my youtube channel at and the song will also be available at most downloadable sites very soon. Please come by and check it out.

Ok so future plans, well there are more songs of course but perhaps of different characters perhaps a very heavy song is in me still but also there is one that already has been written out and as I have mentioned before this is a Beatlesque novelty kind of track and it is called "The Stork" or  simply " Stork " and that's about a very conceited bird that only swims at the pond at night ha ha but you shall see as his behaviour is fully explained : ) so perhaps that will run along with the scorcher metal tune as to give ya a war of the musical worlds vibe and that's is what is in my near musical future.

I say lets put out original content out there right? because this is what music needs  right now originality, too many so called artists are duplicating old material and although it is refreshing to have a modern twist to a classic song it is still old and for the artist it is basically riding the coat tails of original msuical artists the ones who wrote and and created. Also I will be making more videos on youtube of some classic songs so that is always fun but look out for more originals for sure so again pass by all the known sites be and be a  friend or subscribe, join, etc, etc, .  Ok that's all for now folks please be safe be cool be all you can be in the army. Cheers and thank you very much for your time!

, Jak

Jan 22, 2012 

Hey folks finally get to edit the site it was out of commish for a while but hey here is an update for the new year.  Well,  we're working on a five song video that will include some classic rock and some heavy stuff I call it "When classic meets heavy"  all tracks will be played in my own style so stay tuned for that  because it's gonna be if not good then interesting : )  On the  songwriting front, yeah we're still in pre-prodcution status with the latest  Jak The Knife song " In This Lonely Place"  but I assure you it will be very  very good. 

We have been updating some gear in my recording studio Vertical Smiles studio and all this will have a positive impact on the production quality on the next couple of songs. Again watch out for the new songs because they will sound awsome, so I guess that's it for now but hey please come by my youtube page and subscribe or join my facebook pages be it the fan page or the personal there's nothing personal in both I pour my heart out and make shitloads of corny jokes in either so all the same but I do tell it ike it is so..but do  come by and join what I call  "the beloved"  what else hmm... I'm on Tweetter too  @Jak_The_Knife so  join me on that to blah blah blah cause hey the more friends the better correct? and we meet in rock that's what we have in common so where do we meet? we meet in rock and with that lets roll. Ok thanks again and stay rockin'! \m/

September 28, 2011

September 28, 2011

Hey guys great news. Iluvsluts.records has released the next Jak The knife CD consisting of 9 smokin' tracks. The Cd is entitled  "Demigod" and it is now readily available for review and whole or individual track purchase at most mp3 stores including Itunes and at , as well as Amazon On Demand, Napster etc, etc so yes all that hard work the we put into the writing and producing of this CD and every other effort that goes with making a CD like "Demigod" available to you as a complete array of killer Heavy Metal... is finally complete.

I cordially envite you to please check it out at your most convenient time and if you like a track you know what to do : ) I do wanna thank the additional musicians that were an integral part in the making of this work my very talented kid brother Sean whose vocal power is just outstanding and who is featured on three of tracks of the CD and of course Lousinanna's own drummer extraordinaire.. Mr. Louis "Screwey Loue" Crothers.

My promise: We shall by the power invested in me and through proper rest and good nourishment continue to create the heaviiest tastiest rock we can. That is my promise to you and if you want that in writting send a self addressed envelope to my email's p.o. box again I do thank you so very much for all your support and as usual I wish you nothing, listen here... NOTHING!! but the very best!. I see ya'll later. Rock on now.

July 14 2011- Gonna be making a video playing the KISS classic "God Of Thunder" perhaps "Strutter" and "Paranoid from Black Sabbath. I'll have to see what develops best but as it  stands now definitely "God Of Thunder"  it sounds fantastic just the way I have been playing and singing it lately  etc, Looking forward to sharing it with you all stay tuned.

July 9 2011 -There are plans to record a brand new track folks and this one is called "The Stork" . All the music for "The Stork" has mostly been written.  I feel the name is fitting because the song has a novelty, comical or child like quality to it and it is certainly different in essence and feel but will of course retain the familiar character of a rocking Jak The Knife composition. More updates on this as it unfolds. Thank you. God bless.

August 23, 2011

I have a gmail account now from where you can contact me as well,  also be sure to check out  the " Mississipi Queen" cover now on my youtube channel and yes we're stil planning to do  a very mean cover of "Paranoid" Jak The knife style : ) Also I'm looking to start the recording of  " The Stork" within the next couple of weeks. I will update all progress through my Facebook an page here there everywhere so yeah lots of cool stuff happening please be sure to come back and check new developments. Be good and Cya soon!